ROSES AND THORNS is an social alliance guild located on Shadowsong EU.

 with guilds where it's all about "raid, raid, raid"??? We are too. We want OUR guild to be one where you can just chill and do your own thing while having a place to chat with others.Our guild is run by two veteran players, both with a varied background in playing this game.

Keshayra is an ex-raider, having raided before with a guild that has existed since classic WoW, and she has done raid leading of older content raids. In fact, Keshayra describes herself as a "serial ALToholic" who can't get enough of questing.

Snekera has done PvP, a bit of raids, and quests a lot. He is the co-leader of the guild.

Currently we are going to focus on the leveling and questing portion of the game, however if you are an enterprising raider or raid leader and YOU want to bring raids to Roses and Thorns, then we'll welcome you with open arms. Please note that you will need to take responsibility for organising it.We got a guild to run already...

We have one proviso, and that is that you ARE over the age of 21 to join us. We cater for mature players, we don't accept any form of bullshit, rudeness, or any behaviour that's against the rules set out by Blizzard Entertainment.

To summarise, this is who you'd be to join us:

1. You are aged 21 or older.
2. You accept that we are social, non-raiding guild at our core.
3. You accept that if you want raids in the guild, that you can organise them.
4. No immature behaviour.
5. Respect our rules, respect Blizzard rules.
6. Be a good Azeroth citizen.
7. Love the critters... okay this one is an optional rule. ;-)