ROSES AND THORNS is an alliance guild located on Shadowsong EU.

Who is Roses and Thorns and why would you want to join it?

We are a social guild. The central feature of this guild and all connected guilds that the leader - Keshayra - runs is that they are all socially oriented. Social comes first with us, doing raids and pvp and other activities comes second. If you click on the Meta-Guilds you can see which other guilds you can join if you are not based on EU-Shadowsong and have no desire to pay to relocate. Currently ALL our guilds are recruiting... and we even span beyond World of Warcraft with our clan in Diablo 3 and our guild in Guild Wars 2. If you play either game let me know if you want your character in them to join this family of guilds...

Do you raid?

If you are specifically looking for a raiding guild that makes raiding its primary goal then we're not the guild for you. However if you are interested in joining a family that will raid whenever the members in the guild want to organise it then yes the answer is... we raid. But it will be as a social activity not as something that "must be done". I do not do "I want to raid so you have to make this a raiding guild". Again if that's the reason for a guild then we're not for you.

If you wish to contact me outside World of Warcraft the easiest methods are to go to my Facebook page and and send me a message through that page. The other is to tweet me at @Keshayra but that's the less monitored method. I keep my battle tag relatively private and I am picky about who I add on it so don't expect me to answer a battle tag request any time soon.

Who is Keshayra? And what's with the "Keshayra Shadowsong" on Facebook?

I am a busy person. I work in a self-employed capacity and I am currently working on my first novel that I expect to complete this year (2015). I am also an artist, designer and I am in the process of starting a business with my boyfriend that I've had since mid-2008 (YES, I am a female player). That said I am a hardcore gamer so I do spend as much of my spare time playing World of Warcraft.

I am interested. How do I join?

Currently I am reworking this website so please contact me at the above Facebook page to let me know you want to join. If you bookmark this website I should have the pages rewritten by the end of November at a latest and then you can make an account on this website.

Welcome to Roses and Thorns and I hope to see you soon... :)

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